Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gino D'Eliso: Ti ricordi Vienna? (RCA, 1977)

After having released his first record for Lucio Battisti's label Numero Uno, triestinian singer/songwriter Gino d'Eliso got together a full-blown disco orchestra for his second LP.
The music of "Ti ricordi Vienna?" is a very peculiar meeting of the decadent, dandyesque approach of glam-rock, Lucio Battisti's refinate pop, the bombastic grooves of disco music and mild Balkan nuances.

Though the lyrics aren't brilliant, the songs are all strikingly sophisticated and captivating. Super-funky basslines and energic italo-prog riffs wonderfully fuse with emphatic violin strokes and theatrical Hammond organ blows to create convoluted, multi-layered, mostly upbeat tunes.
Aside from the undeniable quality of the compositions, "Ti ricordi Vienna?"'s a very interesting work for an unique merger of influences configuring it as a bridge between times and places: Italian and Mediterranean pop sounds, the American disco trend, and a more far-seeing continental spleen.

The quality of the rip is very poor, but I really couldn't manage to get a better one.

  1. Bellezza normanna
  2. Kajmac Calan
  3. Il tamburello e l'eroe
  4. Non saremo angeli
  5. Fiesta messicana
  6. Ti ricordi Vienna?
  7. Tanto arriva domenica
  8. Non basta la poesia
  9. La notte di erasmo
Download (192 kbps)

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katyadoesnotloveme said...

sprando che torni a uppare presto, un grazie

Anonymous said...

devastante decadentismo funk-glam

SkipA said...

Infinitamente GRAZIE!