Saturday, April 10, 2010

Giuntoli & Meroni: Diabolik e i sette nani (Rombo, 1980)

Idly couched on the confluence of progressive, jazz and "modern classical" experimentation lies "Diabolik e i Sette Nani", and it does not sound as you would expect from these few words. Don't imagine anything difficult, pretentious, or intellectual: just piano and saxophone (or clarinet, sometimes). Placid and spontaneous - even a bit tipsy, I dare say. No apparent direction: the tracks are just take-it-as-it-comes excursions through Satiesque impressions, free-jazz(y) improvisations, and facetious melodic quotations. The overall spirit might remind Robert Wyatt, but the most close comparison I can think about is the lazy melancholy of French avant-prog project ZNR (for the few ones which actually knew them).

Massimo Giuntoli and Roberto Meroni are both from Milan, where they still live and play today.


  1. I racconti di Canterbury
  2. Mastro Antonio
  3. Tre movimenti per pianoforte
  4. Diabolik e i sette nani
  5. Lothrorien
Download (217 kbps, vinyl rip)

nb. The first four tracks are grouped together in one single file

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Massimo Giuntoli said...

Grazie per aver pubblicato questo album. Come posso contattarti via email...?

Thank you for publishing this album. How can I write you an email...?
Massimo Giuntoli

wago said...

Grazie mille a te! E' un vero piacere avere un tuo commento sul blog. Per quanto riguarda la mail, il mio indirizzo e'