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Agricantus: Tuareg (Compagnia Nuove Indye, 1996)

Conceived in Sicily, recorded partly in the Mali Desert, sung by a Swiss singer in a variety of languages (from French and German to Tamachek or Lingala): "Tuareg" is the emblem of world music, and one of the greatest masterpieces in the genre. It's not just a fusion of Mediterranean musical heritage, Touareg traditions and techno-trance structures of the flourishing "rave culture" of the mid-Nineties. And the point's not that the range of influences of is much richer (trip-hop, dub, dream-pop, ambient, drum'n'bass...), nor the charming voice and technique of singer Rosie Wiederkehr (somehow reminding of Cocteau Twin's Elizabeth Fraser), but rather the stunning beauty of the music the album contains. The atmospheres it creates are unique and deeply enthralling: they sound ancient and futuristic, luminous and mysterious, warm and solemn at the same time. I won't venture in further descriptions: luckily, the music doesn't need any explanation to disclose its magic.

Agricantus were a band from Palermo, founded in 1979 as a traditional folk ensemble. During the Nineties, they got more and more intrested to foreign musical traditions and electronic music. The entrance of Swiss singer Rosie Wiederkehr greatly enriched their formula, letting them focus on multi-language lyrics and phonetic experimentation. "Tuareg" is their second long-playing and brought them many critical prizes, such as Premio Tenco, Premio Augusto Daolio, and Premio Italiano della Musica.

  1. Ummiri
  2. Hala hala
  3. Ljuljuten (Tin-Zawatine)
  4. Com'u ventu
  5. Carizzi r'amuri (Es Souk)
  6. Azalai
  7. Tuareg
  8. Disiu
  9. Caruvana 'i sali
  10. U coni coni
  11. Dune
Download (128 kbps)

I couldn't find any reliable credits for this album. The line-up of the band was, in any case:
  • Tonj Acquaviva: drums and percussion
  • Mario Crispi: winds and keyboards, vocals
  • Giuseppe Panzeca: guitar and mandolins
  • Mario Rivera: bass and vocals
  • Rosie Wiederkher: vocals and keyboards
Former Picchio dal pozzo member Aldo De Scalzi should have been involved in the recording, producing or composing process in some way (but I have no exact information).

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The line-up of the band:
Rosie Wiederkehr: voice, key.
Tonj Acquaviva: voice, programming, sampler, percussion.
Mario Rivera: bass, background voice.
Giuseppe Panzeca: mandolin, tehardent.
Mario Crispi: flute.
Antonio Corrado: Guitar.
Official WebSite of the band:

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