Saturday, January 16, 2010

L'orchestra di Piazza Vittorio: Sona (RadioFandango/Edel, 2006)

World music. Literally: there's the whole world, in this album. Music from everywhere, blended in a charming melting pot aesthetics. As in the most refinate recipes (or the most genuine), the flavours preserve their own identity. Fused, but not confused, the multiplicity of musical cultures animating "Sona" gives rise to a rich fresco. Or maybe a colorful and intricated tapestry, portraying the many faces the music can take around the world.
Tracks like life scenes - music for dancing, music for relaxing or to get blithe, moody music and sing-along music. African percussions, jazzy layerings and orchestral elegance. Maghrebi seductiveness, Brazilian saudade.

And a bit of Italian song craftmanship. The man behind this oversized multi-ethnic ensemble (16 elements from all over the world) is Mario Tronco from Avion Travel. In league with the documentarist Agostino Ferrente, he started the project as a way to make people from the different cultures living in Rome know each other.
The experience is documented on the feature film "L'orchestra di Piazza Vittorio".

  1. Sona
  2. Ena Fintidaarh'k
  3. Fela
  4. Helo Rama Per
  5. Laila
  6. Balesh Tebsni
  7. Ena Andi
  8. Sandina
  9. Vagabundo Soy
    Download (256 kbps)

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