Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Decibel: Vivo da re (Spaghetti Records, 1980)

New wave's never been as close to Sixties pop as in "Vivo da re". The alienated euphoria of Devo or Blondie combines here with the melodic sweeties of Equipe 84 (literally: "Io ho in mente te" is a dissociated cover of their most famous classic).
So the songs feature neurotic synth tickings as well as vaudevillian piano figures, spotless vocal harmonies and spastic rhythm fragmentations. Sparks are just behind the corner.

A nonchalant sense of decadence rises over the songs. Many songs embody the boredom and world-weariness of those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.
These songs are haughty and nihilist, witty with their wordplays and often crudely ironic. But most of all they're immediate, energetic and communicative: one of the most pop fruits of the Italian new wave season.

Decibel were from Milan, and their lead singer was Enrico Ruggeri. This is their second album.

  1. Il mio show
  2. Supermarket
  3. Pernod
  4. Io ho in mente te
  5. Sepolto vivo
  6. Vivo da re
  7. Contessa
  8. A disagio
  9. Teenager
  10. Tanti auguri
  11. Peggio per te
Download (~172 kbps)

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