Thursday, February 11, 2010

Enzo Carella: Vocazione (It, 1977)

Musically speaking, "Vocazione" is just a collection of well-played funky/pop songs. And the singing voice is dim, precarious.
Luckily, there's much more in the album. First of all, lyrics and melodies. The former are an exquisite combination of levity and obliqueness. A whirlwind of gameplays and slighthly puzzling images. The latter are just as zippy and sibylline: tuneful and cosy, but never totally unveiling themselves. They don't let your curiosity slide into unconcerned comfort: there's always some detail you never noticed before, an unexpected dart or pirouette.
So the voice, fleecy, but sprightly, reveals its harmony with the mood of the songs. Discreet, but captivating. Tender, a bit dreamy; even ingenuous, why not? The same goes for the music: unpretentious, elegant and pleasantly old-fashioned, it projects a subtle shade of melancholy, a sweet aftertaste for such a sunny album.

Enzo Carella is a Roman singer/songwriter. This is his first album, with words by will-be Lucio Battisti lyricist Pasquale Panella.

  1. Vocazione
  2. Guarda l'uccellino
  3. Ballatetta
  4. Fosse vero
  5. Malamore
  6. L'anima pagliacciona
  7. La serietà
  8. Il sud è un'infanzia sudata
Download (192 kbps)

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Anonymous said...

scopro ora che malamore e fosse vero contenute in questo zip sono in realtà i remix del disco raccolta '92..
fabio flight

wago said...

Caspita, grazie della segnalazione, vedro' di cercare gli originali e ripristinare!