Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Matia Bazar: Tango (1983)

Retro-sounding synth-pop à l'Italienne. Belle Epoque melodies and fake operatic vocals are the key elements of an album which is always in balance between kitsch, pretentiousness and extreme refinedness.
Though "Vacanze romane" is by far the best and most emblematic song in the album, every track is extremely well-crafted and melodically indefectible: "Tango" is a unique album and surely a masterpiece.

  1. Vacanze romane
  2. Palestina
  3. Elettrochoc
  4. Intellighenzia
  5. Il video sono io
  6. Scacco un po' matto
  7. Tango nel fango
  8. I bambini di poi

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Ellaguru said...

bel disco da riscoprire!

386320 said...

il periodo ke preferisco dei Matia