Thursday, April 17, 2008

Patrizio Fariselli Project: Lupi sintetici e strumenti a gas (2001)

Fariselli was Area's synthetizer hobgoblin and was reknown for his intricated, jazzy and percussive style delivering much from East-European music. "Lupi sintetici e strumenti a gas" ("Synthetic wolves and gas instruments") is his first album since the release of the radical "Antropofagia" in 1977.
The style is varied, always very technical, jazzy and clean-sounding. Area's political stance is replaced by an openly ironic attitude and interest in post-modern deconstruction. The vocals feature several contributions by jazz singer Angela Baggi, who keeps the balance between a soul-pop warmth and more experimental leanings.
There's still an important presence of the compound meters which have always been an Area trademark, but they are employed in a very subtle way, trying to make them sound perfectly natural and tuneful.

More informations about the album, Area and Patrizio Fariselli can be found on his personal website.

  1. Pangea
  2. Lupi sintetici e strumenti a gas
  3. Risonanze
  4. I dadi di dio
  5. Signora dei viaggi
  6. Felice lichene
  7. Acufeni
  8. 7 Bells
  9. Refoli
  10. Luglio agosto settembre (nero)
  11. Non tira un filo d'aria
  12. [13] Ah!

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