Friday, April 18, 2008

Gramigna: Gran disordine sotto il cielo (1977)

This very rare album is the only one published by the R.I.O.-like octet Gramigna. The style is quite original, some sort of very melodic chamber-rock with a distinct Italian feeling which makes it airy and snappy. The important role of reeds and some askance instrumental lines could remind the first Henry Cow LP.
The lyrics are refinate, but playful; the verses are often perfect endecasyllabes. The first three tracks are very freely inspired by Alice Adventures in Wonderland. Most of the other songs draw part of their inspiration from popular folklore or childish attitudes, using it as a metaphore for social issues.

More informations can be found here.

  1. Alice nel pozzo
  2. Alice e le regine
  3. Alice oltre lo specchio
  4. Piccole voci
  5. Ombre rosse
  6. Per il bene della patria
  7. È una notte
  8. Arrivano i barbari
  9. Tarantola