Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Confusional Quartet: omonimo (1980)

I know Devo used to play some sort of istrionic avant-proggish stuff before switching to their classic "wave" style, and I've always wondered how they sounded like. Well, I think they sounded pretty much as Confusional Quartet.
The style of this bizarre band from Bologna was dominated by e-piano, crunchy guitar and flamboyant synthetizers (wave sound, not the prog one). There was a strong jazzy feeling in it, but it was arranged in a demential/vintage way which still makes the music extremely funny.
Whismical, well-played, their only LP (hereby collected with their EP) stands out as one of the most emblematic traits-d'union between the prog and the post-punk eras.

  1. Orinoco Blues
  2. Paranoia
  3. Flash
  4. XXX?
  5. Trallá Papppá
  6. Bologna Rock
  7. Pensions Elastica
  8. Guerra in Africa
  9. Nebdo Zip
  10. Beguine Sulla Luna
  11. Volare
  12. Swing
  13. Voulez-Vous De La Canne Au Sucre?
  14. Dlin Dlon Cow Boy
  15. Samba Paperino
  16. Plastic City Dinamic
  17. Cinzano
  18. 1Sigla
  19. 4Sigla
  20. 6Sigla
  21. Pronipoti
  22. Pubblicitá
  23. Cos'é?
  24. Moda Kermesse

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