Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Calomito: Inaudito (2005)

Genoese band Calomito is one of the finest chamber-rock ensambles in Italy. Their style seems to owe much to such bands as Volapük, The Muffins, Samla Mammas Manna and the most breezy ones of the avant-prog scene.
Fender Rhodes, soprano sax and violin are the key elements of a warm, bobbish sound. Rhythm plays an important role: the jazzy drumming is edgy and kaleidoscopic, based on tempo shifts and stops in a very natural way. Guitar has often a secondary part, coming in just to reinforce the most dynamic moments, while double bass is a pivotal element with its round and dulcet sound.
A slight touch of electronica (d'n'b beats here and there) and recurrent trad-folk episodes complete the picture of an extremely enjoyable album which couples ambition, instrumental proficiency and levity.

  1. Collante
  2. Nautilus
  3. Am Ha 'aretz
  4. Ebetus (Pvc Version)
  5. Dal buffo buio
  6. Rutz
  7. Nascosto
  8. Kaizer

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