Monday, April 21, 2008

Starfuckers: Sinistri (1994)

Despite their awful name, Starfuckers were one of the most interesting Italian bands of the nineties. Their music is deeply deconstructed: fragments are the only survivors of a Massimo Volume/King Crimson style which has sunken into an ocean of hushed oscillations. "Sinistri"'s one of the most silent albums I've ever heard, but it's not a quiet one: a throbbing tension roams into its absence of sound and makes it sound cynic and detached. The declamatory stance of the voice may be annoying for someone.
Their next and last album, "Infrantumi", is even more radical than "Sinistri". Let's go for the easier one first...

  1. Derivazione/Attesa
  2. 251 . Infinito
  3. In primo luogo
  4. Mutilati
  5. Zentropia
  6. Ordine pubblico
  7. Macrofonie IA

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face said...

che bel blog ci voleva ,gli starfukers sono 1 grande band delle mie parti massa carrara,conosco il tastieristadj bocci è 1 grande!ciao