Monday, February 21, 2011

Hipnosis: Self-Titled [Memory Records, 1984]

Disco-music for starship parties: an imaginative but suitable description for the music of Hipnosis's first and only album. Its all-electronic style merges Moroder-like disco beats with highly melodic synthesizer lines, much nearer to the ones of "progressive electronic" artists as Vangelis or J.M. Jarre than to the usual soul-music colours of disco music (two tracks, "Pulstar" and "Oxygene", are actually Vangelis/J.M. Jarre covers). No vocals are present, but the music's always very catchy and much more focused on melody and on creating an optimistic sci-fi ambience than on the driving force of rhythm, which serves mostly as a background.

Hipnosis was a short-lived project started in Parma in the early Eighties by producer Stefano Cundari. In 1982 Kirlian Camera's leader and keyboardist Angelo Bergamini joined the band; as far as I know, though, he left the band before the release of their album. Most Hipnosis releases are concentrated around 1983/1984, but in 1987 a cover of Automat track "Droid" was released. In 1992 a lp featuring almost the same tracks of the first album came out under the name "Hypnosis", but the band was composed by different musicians and had no relationship with the original project .


  1. Inesi
  2. Windland
  3. Argonauts
  4. Pulstar
  5. Borhaz
  6. Astrodance
  7. Space Crusaders
  8. Oxygene
  9. Theme for New Years
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