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Mauro Pagani: Self-Titled (Ascolto, 1978)

The late Seventies are one of the most overlooked periods in the history of Italian rock music. Just while our mediocre "punk" scene was slowly mutating into a florid post-punk milieu, the last remnants of the progressive era were evolving into something new and really unique. Some artists would undertake a "new wave" metamorphosis (think of Franco Battiato), some would hybridate with disco music (Goblin's Claudio Simonetti for example), some would delve into the fascinating musical traditions of the Mediterranean, getting closer and closer to the musical resarch of the "Canzonieri" movement.
P.F.M.'s Mauro Pagani's one of the key figures for this latter trend. After quitting P.F.M. in 1976, he ventured in a dense series of projects aimed at a new fusion of jazz-rock, ancient and traditional folk music, avantgarde experimentation. His first solo lp is perhaps the most mature fruit of his new interests and vision. The recording of the album involved three of the most proficient units around at the time in those fields: Area, P.F.M. and Canzoniere del Lazio, which cooperated in many tracks. It also features guest appearances of outstanding musicians such as former Musicanova singer Teresa De Sio and the amazing acoustic trad-folk guitarist Luca Balbo.

The music is outstanding and extremely varied. A mix of Middle-Eastern flavours, Southern Italian melodies, Sardinian dances; all coupled with refinate arrangements blending chamber music, jazz-rock and captivating avantgarde dilatations in a surprisingly light style.
To make it short: this is one of the best Italian albums ever published. Get it.


  1. Europa minor
  2. Argiento
  3. Violer d'amores
  4. La città aromatica
  5. L'albero di canto (Parte 1)
  6. Choron
  7. Il blu comincia davvero
  8. L'albero di canto (Parte 2)
  • Mauro Pagani: violin, viola, mandolin, bouzouki, flute, composer, arranger (all tracks except 7)
  • Mario Arcari: oboe (tracks 1, 2)
  • Luca Balbo: guitar (track 7)
  • Walter Calloni: percussion (tracks 1, 6)
  • Teresa De Sio: vocals (track 2)
  • Roberto Colombo: polymoog (track 4)
  • Area:
    Demetrio Stratos: vocals (tracks 5, 8)
    Patrizio Fariselli: piano (tracks 1, 5)
    Giulio Capiozzo: drums (tracks 1,5)
    Ares Tavolazzi: bass, double bass (track 5)
  • P.F.M.:
    Franz Di Cioccio: drums (track 4)
    Patrick Djivas: bass (track 4)
    Franco Mussida: guitar (track 4)
  • Canzoniere del Lazio:
    Giorgio Vivaldi: percussion, talking drum (tracks 1, 6)
    Pasquale Minieri: percussion (track 1)
  • Allan Goldberg: engineer (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 8)
  • Carlo Martenet: engineer (tracks 4, 7)
  • Marco Inzadi: engineer (track 6)
  • Piero Bravin: mix (tracks 4, 7)
Download (224 kbps)

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fabio said...

one of the best Italian albums ever published
I agree

to said...

impressionante il primo pezzo...
lo conoscevo nella versione di un gruppo siciliano contemporaneo del quale peró purtroppo non so il nome.. :)

molto bello il tuo blog!