Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gianfranco Manfredi: Zombie di tutto il mondo unitevi (Ultima spiaggia, 1977)

An atypical singer/songwriter album, very sarcastic about the remnants of the 68 era though manifestly bound to the left-wing contestation area. The lyrics are sharp and salacious, still quite enjoyable for their cleverness even if the themes they deal of are a bit outdated.
Musically speaking, the songs are quite elaborate, both for the arrangements and for the meandery melodies. Some slight progressive leanings, muscular string arrangements and zippy piano/drums bluesy grooves converge to an energic - though melancholic - atmosphere which wonderfully portraits the garrulous disillusionment of the lyrics.

"Zombie di tutto il mondo unitevi" (evidently a pun on Marx&Engels's adagio "Workers of the world, unite!") is Gianfranco Manfredi's third album, written with fellow singer/songwriter Ricky Gianco and performed by prog-rock celebrities Premiata Forneria Marconi. The album inspired a theatrical show, which was staged by Manfredi, Gianco and P.F.M. in 1977.
Manfredi's now a comics writer, working for Bonelli editions (Magico Vento, Volto Nascosto).

  1. Dagli Appennini alle bande
  2. Un tranquillo festival pop di paura
  3. Ultimo mohicano
  4. Zombie di tutto il mondo unitevi
  5. Gatte da pelare
  6. Lamiento de amor
  7. Ogino Knaus
  8. Feto di gruppo con signora
  9. I modelli
  10. Nella diversità
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