Friday, March 20, 2009

Not Moving: Sinnermen (Spittle Records, 1986)

The idea behind "Sinnermen" is quite simple: Let's play some sort of new wave with loads of Morricone-like flangers'n'reverbs. The result could have sounded just as elegant and minimal as Wall of Voodoo, or as deviant and funny as Man or Astro-Man, but is actually quite dissimilar to both.
The point is that "Sinnermen" is so poorly recorded and awfully played that it sounds like nothing else. The songs are some sort of primeval cherokee-rock dirges. Organ's everywhere, the mood is rather dark and psychedelic and this would probably remind of The Stranglers (or The Doors), if only the guitars didn't desperately try to imitate The Shadows and the English pronounciation weren't so ridiculous.
So clumsy, so original and so provincial, "Sinnermen" is definitely funnier than the average Italian post-punk album. Even beautiful, here and there.

Not Moving were founded in 1981, taking their name from a DNA song. "Sinnermen" is their first LP, produced by the renown music journalist Federico Guglielmi.

  1. Sinnerman
  2. Catman
  3. I Know Your Feelings
  4. The Lost Bay
  5. My Lovely Loved
  6. Pray For Your God
  7. You Really Got Me Babe
  8. A Wonderful Night to Die
  9. Land of Nothing
  10. A Life Long
  11. Sucide Temple
  12. Mr. Nothing
  13. Ice Eyes Baby
  14. In the Batland
  15. Cocksucker Blues
Download (192 kbps)

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grazie per aver postato i not moving.
li avevo visti solo una volta in tv e mi erano piaciuti

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the link is dead, re-upload please