Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Perturbazione: In circolo (Santeria, 2002)

A light, elegant and meditative pop album, "In circolo" is an autumnal record for homespent rainy days just as well as it is a collection of springtime songs for afternoons in the open air. Here are its two souls: moody, delicate songs in the vein of The Smiths or Belle and Sebastian and lively, ironic episodes with the enviable quality of sounding both optimist and slightly melancoholic.
Everything shines of very fine clean guitar arpeggios, eversurprising melodic lines and turns, posh chamber arrangements. And very smart, everyday lyrics discreetly oscillanting between pensiveness and wordplay.

Perturbazione are a Piedmontese band founded in 1988. This is their first Italian language album after their debut, "Waiting to Happen".

  1. La rosa dei 20
  2. Agosto
  3. Mi piacerebbe
  4. Rocket Coffee
  5. Iceberg
  6. Arrivederci addio
  7. Senza una scusa
  8. This Ain't My Bed Anymore
  9. Il senso della vite
  10. Cuorum
  11. Fiat lux
  12. I complicati pretesti del come
Download (192 kbps)