Friday, September 10, 2010

Giusto Pio: Legione straniera (EMI, 1982)

I hope you'll get used to the publishing of some Battiato-related stuff every now and then in the blog's "Eighties" corner. I personally believe his school is one of the greatest moments to ever bless Italian pop music. As for today, let's concentrate on the second solo album by Giusto Pio, 1926-born violin teacher and longtime collaborator of Battiato's.

As a matter of fact, "Legione straniera" is a two-hands work by Pio and Battiato. Pio's compositional style relies mostly on his violin, and embodies an ideal trait-d'union between baroque music and postmodern minimalism. Elegance, repetition, and regularity are the key aspects of the albums, where schematic violin themes fluctuate over Battiato's straight beats, evocating sometimes an outworld placidity, other times more nervous and metropolitan ambiences.
The album collects many extra-European suggestions, but never actually sounds like world music. And despite the strong electronic architecture, the prevailing air is a noble fin de siècle mood.

  1. Aria di un tempo
  2. Celestial tibet
  3. Cristina's Day
  4. Eritrea's
  5. Giardino segreto
  6. Legione straniera
  7. Ostinato
  8. Totem
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Warning: the audio quality is quite bad

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Un personaggio 'mitologico' , fin dai tempi della Cramps , come direbbe il suo più celebre collaboratore : " ... avvolto da sintomatico mistero ..."

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