Monday, September 6, 2010

VV.AA..: Let's Talk about Muertepop (Muertepop, 2007)

The post-rock, indietronic, ambient, glitch, electroacoustic scenes have often met during the last decade, giving birth to a fertile ground for musical contamination. An idea of this quite poorly known territory is well sketched by this much varied compilation. The most evident defining trait of the music is the strong predominance of instrumental and electronic components: lush or barbed, layered or pointillist, most of tracks don't even feature vocals or acoustic instruments. Atmosphere overarches melody and rhythm in the constructions, and timbre acts a primary role in setting the mood of the music. The latter is mostly bleak, cold, melancholic - most of the textures are loosely structured and rarefied, or I'd better say emptied-out - but sometimes lit up by sugary ambiences loaded with hope and lyricism. There's an overall experimental tendency animating the music, though the boundary between experimentation and mannerism is often quite faded.
The tracks aren't all equally good obviously, but the variety and the representativeness of the compilation definitely makes it an interesting and pleasurable listening.

"Let's Talk about Muertepop" is the first release by young-born netlabel Muertepop, active mostly with indietronic music. The compilation features a wide inventory of artists, including quite prominent names such as Port-Royal, Ioioi, My Awesome Mixtape. It's available for free download on their website.

  1. Port-Royal - Internet Love
  2. Etere - Dans les boulevards (Ohz remix)
  3. Leben - Molly Has Been Cured
  4. Mark Hamn - Akoustik Pool
  5. My Awesome Mixtape - Ode to Poetry
  6. Ioioi - Bright Future
  7. Cocoon - Neural
  8. Fever Asylum - Tomorrow You Will Listen to
  9. Livi(d)o - Qualcosa nella mia mente
  10. Guitar to Abdicate - A New Place
  11. Let's Drive to Alaska! - As We Sleep
  12. Rikieffe - Mosca ceca
  13. Overtuner - Broken Melody
  14. Monowatt - Brainwave #0
  15. Urkuma&Strinqulu - Lundulu
  16. Smart Drug - Rosina
  17. Scientist&Cynic - The quite gnome (removed)
  18. Le supersquillo - Go way John (removed) 
  19. Falter Bramnk - Big Pink
  20. Gilvia - Gls3
n.b. Tracks 17 and 18 have been removed on the label's website. If you have them please do contact me.
Download (192 kbps)

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