Monday, June 16, 2008

Tanake: 3ree (Fratto9/ Ebria, 2007)

Tanake are a radical jazzcore band from Florence. They follow the footsteps of such bands as Zu, Anatrofobia, Strafuckers, but their first and only album displays a very personal mastership of the nowadays very "Italian" impro/math/post/jazzcore formula. Their aesthetics is very freeform and comprises radio excerpts, frantic, simmery drumming, amorphous guitar and trumpet burbles, edgy bass short-circuits. The result could sound completely out of focus, but happily does not.

Here's a good review, in Italian.

  1. Loft Serenade
  2. Ingredienti per 3 persone
  3. Dismorfofobia di Marylin
  4. Could Your Brain Be More Reflective Than A Mirror?
  5. Dustin Soup
  6. Utilità sociale intesa come interesse della collettività alla manifestazione del pensiero
  7. NO_ Thing's Possible With_Out 4Strings And A New Coat
  8. Boonaburra
  9. Stroke 4 Gradient Red
  10. La contessa abbandona le gare
  11. Ozio acrobatico
Download (192 kbps)