Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ivan Graziani: Agnese Dolce Agnese (Numero Uno, 1979)

This is Ivan Graziani's sixth and most successful album. He was an Abruzzese singer/songwriter and his style is notable for its quirky and subtle lyrics - always very jocose, tuneful but unpredictable melodies and unusual falsetto vocals. The folk element's always on the forefront: many tracks remind me of a nonsensical version of Angelo Branduardi.
Graziani's complete discography's been uploaded here, together with the ones of many important Italian singers/songwriters.

  1. Taglia la testa al gallo
  2. Fame
  3. Veleno all'autogrill
  4. Il piede di San Raffaele
  5. Doctor Jeckill e Mister Hyde
  6. Agnese
  7. Il prete di Anghiari
  8. Fuoco sulla collina
  9. Modena Park
  10. Canzone per Susy
Download (320 kbps)

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Max said...

I missed this the 1st time around and now mass mirror is dead. If, by chance, you do reposts I'd like to hear this one! Thanks for agreat blog.