Thursday, June 19, 2008

Malvasia: omonimo (Fonit Centra, 1979)

An offspawn of Canzoniere del Lazio published this album just after the group's disbanding, under the name Malvasia. The trio was composed of Francesco Giannattasio (accordion, percussions), Pietro Brega (voice) and Andrea Piazza (harp, formerly of I tarantolati di Tricarico).

This LP's easily one of the finest and most original ones I had the chance to listen among the so-called canzonieri scene which played a fundamental role in Italian post-68 leftist culture. The music's extremely refinate, blending Italian folklore (both from the North and from the South of the peninsula), sporadic celtic hints and baroque-like elegance, specially concerning the placid "chamber" flute/violin arrangements and guitar arpeggios.
This unusual baroque allure casts a peculiar, old-fashioned shadow on the atmosphere of the album, making it one of those rare albums which can create their own world and refuse any direct comparison. There's a sunny and quiet mood leavening the whole album: it sounds so simple and modest, even if it's evidently very carefully crafted...
There are a few tracks with vocals, with "Sali sali sole" shining particularly: a wonderful, heartful melody which magically creates a feeling of ascension and homeliness.

This album's specially recommended for those who liked Musicanova's "Festa Festa" - the end-of-an-era feeling, warmth and simplicity are quite close - or love Pierrot Lunaire's first album.

"Sali sali sole" is available for streaming in the new "official" muxtape of the blog, which will be constantly updated with sample tracks from the last posted albums.

  1. Valzer per Siglinda
  2. Fany Poer
  3. Tarantella di Zi' Antonio
  4. Arcobaleno
  5. Gemma 'e oro
  6. Sali sali sole (stream it!)
  7. Valzer di un momento
  8. Tarantella maggiore e minore
  9. Tanto tempo solo

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