Thursday, June 5, 2008

Port-Royal: Flares (Resonant, 2005)

Port-Royal's debut's already become a classic. The Genoan band's very personal fusion of ambient, IDM electronica and post-rock in the vein of early Sigur Rós is one of the most suggestive styles to have emerged in the last years. Their mood is fascinating and unique, focusing on ethereal synth clouds, crystalline guitar swirls, reverbs, abstract computer-based beats and - most of all - unforgettable, subliminal melodies. The resulting sound is extremely deep, a submarine heaven dominated by both rapture and melancholy, moving and captivating.

  1. Jeka
  2. Spetsnaz/Paul Leni
  3. Zobione, Part 1
  4. Zobione, Part 2
  5. Zobione, Part 3
  6. Karola Bloch
  7. Flares, Part 1
  8. Flares, Part 2
  9. Flares, Part 3
  10. Stimmung
Download (192 kbps) re-up

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m. said...

il link è espirato :(

wago said...

Domani lo rimetto su allora!

Audiozobe said...

This link is sadly dead. I would be curious to hear how that band sounded.

wago said...

Here it is!

Audiozobe said...

Thank you so much! Love your blog, btw.