Friday, September 17, 2010

Loredana Berté: Bandaberté (GCD, 1979)

Reggae was quite of a novelty for Italian musicians, back in 1979. "Bandaberté" was one of the first pop albums to explicity flirt with that style, and surely one of the most accomplished ones. The sound is very definite and professional, well-aware of the funkiest jazz-fusion and disco music, and definitely makes the difference in making the music elegant and groovy. Loredana Bertè's coarse voice, in fact, isn't elegant at all, but undubitably gives the songs a magnetic charisma: the very spontaneous interpretations are perfect to balance the cold politeness of the arrangements.
Though upbeat rhythms are central in the album, many styles surface in the songs. There are jaunty acoustic episodes ("Colombo", "Dedicato"), and liquid synth riffs ("Robin Hood", "Agguato a Casablanca"), but most of all a bunch of memorable songs, such as the evergreen "...E la luna bussò" or the fervent Battisti cover "Macchina del tempo".

"Bandaberté" is the fourth album by calabrese singer Loredana Berté, sister of Mia Martini. The songs are written by Il volo's Mario Lavezzi (who produced the album) and such renown artists as Ivan Graziani, Lucio Battisti, Ivano Fossati.

  1. ...E la luna bussò
  2. Robin Hood
  3. Peccati trasparenti
  4. Colombo
  5. Prendi fra le mani la testa
  6. Folle città
  7. Agguato a Casablanca
  8. Dedicato
  9. Macchina del tempo
Download (128 kbps)

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