Friday, October 21, 2011

Squarcicatrici: s/t (Wallace, 2009)

It's been quite a while since the last post on this blog, and I can't guarantee I will update it frequently after this new post, but I hope I'll be able to. Anyway: I'm back.

Today's album is the debut record of a very odd chamber/jazzcore/world/whateverelse ensemble, lead by the omnipresent musical factotum Jacopo Andreini (L'Enfance Rouge, Vialka, Ronin, Ovo, Roy Paci, Cerberus Shoal, and many more).
The tracks are quite diverse, both in influences and styles. They range from "jazzified" versions of folkloric traditions (from the Balkans, or from Latin America) to unforseen chamber/electro/hip-hop experiments, and even reckless hommages to classical music ("Gorecky"). Even languages keep on shifting. Rhythm and interplay are excellent, strings as harsh sandpaper, and despite the studied roughness of the mix, the overall result is quite refined.

Fans of The Ex and the likes will surely love it, but I bet the album would sound original, daring and irresistable for many more. Remeber checking out Jacopo Andreini's "Bossa Storta" project if you liked this one, and follow the blog for more information and associated artists.

  1. Afrotellacci
  2. Macedone
  3. Sans races
  4. Mbizo
  5. Pilhar Fraqueza
  6. J'ai faim, Jessie!
  7. Izgubljen sambetta
  8. Garota
  9. Afrocina
  10. Gorecky
  11. Afoforo
  12. Invischiata
  13. Izgubeljen sam (Vuneny mix)
  • Jacopo Andreini: guitar, bendir, drums, alto and baritone sax, voice;
  • Andrea Caprara: tenor sax; 
  • Matteo Bennici: cello, bass, voice;
  • Enrico Antonello: trumpet;
  • Erwan Naour: voice;
  • Thollem McDonas: piano;
  • Samuele Venturin: bass, accordion;
  • Piero Spitilli: contrabass;
  • Simone Tecla: drums;
  • Andrea Belfi: drums;
  • Valentino Receputi: violin;
  • Uliva Velo: violin;
  • Martina Chiaraugi: viola
Download (320 kbps)

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