Thursday, October 30, 2008

L'enfance rouge: Trapani - Halq al Waady (Wallace, 2008)

Italo-French band L'enfance rouge has a veteran trans-European attitude: they record their albums all around the continent and dedicate them to European cities. Both their angular, noisy rock and their European internationalism link them directly with the cult Dutch post-punk band The Ex. With their sixth album, they borrow a very strong Mediterranean influence thanks to the collaboration of the Institut Superieur de Musique of Tunisi.

The overall atmosphere has the charm of remote, millenary trade routes. It evocates the last centuries of a decadent Costantinopolis, a crucible of cultures, dangers and long-lost wealth. Ruthless noise-rock sabre blows, dreary French poetries about galleys and kalashnikovs, pachidermal, lethargic basslines hybridate the French noise-rock school (Bästard, Ulan Bator) with bewitching oud vapours and flute arabesques.
Light peeps out very rarely: just a few times Pink Floyd and Godspeed You Black Emperor! substitute Slint and Massimo Volume as guardian angels of the disillusioned, mature and extremely captivating fusion of the album.

  1. Otranto
  2. Ras et Ahmar
  3. Ana Lastu Amrikyyan
  4. Tombeau pour New York
  5. Azizati
  6. Lame de fond
  7. Vendicatori
  8. Nous
  9. Hurricane Lily
  10. Terre d'élection
  11. Petite-mort
Download (192 kbps)

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Andrea said...

Yazza! Al confronto di questi i Secret Chiefs 3 sono l'alpitour (e i nile la merda)

Flavio Del Prete said...

grazie wago

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questo tipo di dischi, van comprati.

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Abraço desde Portugal

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