Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lucio Battisti: Anima latina (Numero Uno, 1975)

This is the sixth album by Italian pop colossus Lucio Battisti. It is much probably the most experimental one Battisti released while still collaborating with lyricist Mogol, who had written for him in the late Sixties some of the most successful Italian pop songs ever.
The recording of "Anima latina" (the title means "latin soul") follows a trip to South America Battisti and Mogol undertook in the beginning of 1974. Many of the sounds and lyrical themes, indeed, reflect a fascination with the music and the social contrasts of Brazil.

The final sound of the album is something unique: metamorphic pop hooks dissolved into an extremely dilated jazz-rock stream, often blessed by surprisingly lucid, anti-psychedelic world music premonitions and heavenly synthetizer suspensions. It might be called "progressive rock" perhaps, but in fact this fusion originated from a completely different route than any English or European progressive: the sound of "Anima latina" is a figment of the work of an astounding number of collabortors, the arrangements feature the most different instruments and the whole album fluctuates in an otherwordly funky groove which is very far from the prog-rock standards. The opening "Abbracciala, abbracciali, abbracciati" may even remind of later Talk Talk and their soulful, emptied-out approach!

  1. Abbracciala, abbracciali, abbracciati
  2. Due mondi
  3. Anonimo
  4. Gli uomini celesti
  5. Gli uomini celesti - ripresa
  6. Due mondi - ripresa
  7. Anima latina
  8. Il salame
  9. La nuova America
  10. Macchina del tempo
  11. Separazione naturale
Download (192 kbps) [re-up]

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john said...

Can you re-up Lucio Battisti please? Based on your description, I really want to hear it!

wago said...

Here it is!

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw your post asking about King Crimson-influenced post rock. You'll be happy to hear the following

Bitch Magnet
Sleeping People


wago said...

Thanks. They're all bands I enjoy indeed.

john said...

Thanks for re-upping Lucio Battisti, I 've been listening to it regularly for the past week and really enjoying it. I can't believe how much great music came out of Italy in the 70's!