Thursday, October 9, 2008

Braen's Machine: Temi ritmici e dinamici (Liuto LRS, 1973)

Braen's Machine were sound library composers Pietro Umiliani and Alessandro Alessandroni under the monikers "Braen" and "Gisteri". "Sound libraries" were collections of musical material intended for film, television or radio commercials: the composers tried to make the music express some specific sensations and published archives of tracks with similar purposes, providing functional repositories of ready-made soundtrack music.
Being composed under no commission, the genre offered much artistic freedom and can be regarded in hindsight as a very suitable territory for almost unbounded eperimentation.

"Temi ritmici e dinamici" is the second and the last release of the Umiliani/Alessandroni combo. The two artists, among the most important in the field, focused here on jaunty, airy jazzy-proggy sketches conceived to give the idea of sport and movement. Based on keyboards, acoustic guitar and very groovy drumming, the music reminds vaguely of Goblin, without ever sounding eerie or sinister.
Post-rock band Stereolab surely learned much from the rhythm locks featured on similar albums.

  1. Movimento
  2. Dinamica
  3. Competizione
  4. Attività all'aperto
  5. Ritmica sportiva
  6. Esercizi ginnici
  7. Gara
  8. Dilettanti
  9. Rinuncia
  10. Passeggiata
  11. Allenamento
  12. Aspetti grotteschi
Download (320 kbps)

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Ellaguru said...

ciao è un pò che non venivo da queste parti, ma quante belle sorprese...
grazie per stormy six, dagada saf,braen's machine e, soprattutto, pr garbo: mica avresti pure " a bene"(s'intitolava così l'album?)?
a presto

wago said...

Si', ce l'ho, ma gli mp3 sono solo a 128. Sto cercandolo a qualità più alta, appena lo trovo lo metto su.

house303 said...

Thank you!