Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Üstmamò: omonimo (Virgin, 1991)

"Üstmamò" means "right now" in the dialect of the Emilian Appennine mountains, where this very original band came from. Though they were strongly connected with the early Nineties Consorzio Produttori Indipendenti scene (C.S.I., Disciplinatha, Marlene Kuntz and so on) they had a very playful and amateurish sound which made them stand out from their crewmates.
Their first album is an explosive mix of post-punk, traditional music souvenirs, reggae/ska, rough electronic beats and who knows what else. The description fits accurately with the worst kind of Italian "alternative" anarcho-leftist stuff, but Ustmamò are really unique. They're funny, somehow natty despite their clumsy attitude: dialect, national anthems, nursery rhymes, drum machines, violin and raw guitar chords all come together to create a courageous, smart and accomplished formula which won't fail to make an impression.

  1. Üstmamò
  2. Filikudi
  3. Fila filastrocca
  4. Stupito sguardo
  5. Strocca - Canzone d'accatto
  6. Vengo a voi...
  7. Amminramp
  8. Lieto evento finale
  9. Vietato vietato
  10. 100 pecore e 1 montone
  11. C'era una volta... un re
  12. Torna maggio
Download (224 kbps)

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