Friday, October 17, 2008

C.C.C.P. Fedeli alla linea: Epica etica etnica pathos (Virgin, 1990)

The last studio album by the most influential rock band of the Italian Eighties is a transitional work, but a masterpiece nonetheless. Firmly stepping away from the iconoclast, proudly provincial post-punk of their previous releases, the band comes both in an enriched sound and an enriched line-up.
CCCP salvage the middle-eastern dystopia of their old song "Punk Islam", the squallid Emilian ballo liscio accordion remindings and the trademark psalmodies of their leader, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti. The covenant with Litfiba exiles Gianni Maroccolo, Francesco Magnelli and Ringo De Palma brings in many new flavours, which come to materialize an unpreceded concotion.
Mystical, ancient and disillusioned, scraggy and dilated, utterly provincial yet covering (almost) the whole Mediterranean area with its influences, "Epica etica etnica pathos" is a very complex work which prefigures and probably excels the world music emptyings of soon-to-be Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti.

  1. Aghia Sophia
  2. Paxo de Jerusalem
  3. Sofia
  4. Narko$ (contiene Baby Blue)
  5. Campestre
  6. Depressione caspica
  7. In occasione della festa
  8. Amandoti (sedicente cover)
  9. L'andazzo generale
  10. El ayam
  11. Appunti di un viaggiatore nella terra del socialismo reale
  12. Mozzill'o re
  13. Campestre
  14. Maciste contro tutti
  15. Annarella
Download (192 kbps)

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NonEsisteee said...

pietra miliare dico pietra miliare, unica e irripetibile, del rock alternativo italiano marchiato anni 90 anzi facciamo 80, sì 80