Monday, October 13, 2008

Zu: Igneo (Wide Records, 2002)

Roman band Zu is one of the most renown Italian bands abroad in the field of indipendent rock. They teamed up with such acclaimed artists as Damo Suzuki, Eugene Chadbourne, Mats Gustaffson, Nobukazu Takemura, Iceburn and Dälek.
"Igneo" is their second and most appreciated album, the one where their arsonist impro-rock formula really comes in focus for the first time. Bass, drums and saxophone blend the jazzcore hurly-burly of NoMeansNo, the angular, math-y constructions of Larks' Tongues-era King Crimson and John Zorn's convulsive freeform approach. Starting from this album, Zu's style has quickly become a cornerstone for the experimental rock scene.

  1. The Elusive Character of Victory
  2. Arbol de la esperanza mantente
  3. Monte Zu
  4. Untitled Samba for Kat Ex
  5. Muro torto
  6. Tinkun Olam
  7. Mar Glaciale Artico
Download (192 kbps)