Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Central Unit: Central Unit + Loving Machinery (M.P. Records, 2003)

The unquiet waverings of Tuxedomoon spawned a whole school in the Italian underground. This record (a sum of two actually, see below) heralds the tendency: skeletal electronic beats and evanescent synth atmospheres, combined with mechanical basslines and relentless violin meanderings, with slothy saxophone murmurs peeping out here and there.
The music is ghostly, decadent, and subtly soggy; it never sounds epic or apocalyptic though, nor excessively amateurish (it's not minimal wave, to make a long story short). On the contrary, it sounds quite elaborate: its orbits are knotty and obliquous, and its mood is the mood of fallen aristocracy.

Central Unit were a band from Bologna. They were among the first in Italy to manipulate synths, drum machines and other electronic devices to create atmospheric soundscapes. This is a reprint of their first LP (produced by Tuxedomoon's Peter Principle), together with a preceding EP.

 Central Unit LP (1983)
  1. Detective Fredd
  2. Orient-Express
  3. Mas rapido
  4. Primavera di Kaspar
  5. Grotesque
  6. Bailamme
  7. Mordor
  8. Où Papè d'Où Marcocù
  9. Aiumassah!
  10. Die Flucht Ohne Ende
Loving Machinery EP (1982)
  1. Saturday Night
  2. Rock Onze
  3. What Use? (Version)
  4. Beset City
Download (192 kbps) (re-up)

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Audiozobe said...

It seems the link is not working. That's a shame, it sounds interesting...

wago said...

What error does it give exactly? I tried to check the rapidshare link, but it seems to work for me.

Anonymous said...

vedi se riesci a trovare The Stupid Set - you guys don't exist..
ciao Fabio Flight

Anonymous said...

ha ragione, il download don't funge :o)


wago said...

si' ce l'ho il disco degli stupid set, prima o poi arriva anche lui

per il download... boh, provo a ri-uppare


Riccardo said...

Hi, just want to say that Central Unit ARE from Bologna, not "were". Our new album is due within a couple of months.
Check out
Riccardo - Central Unit