Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Dining Rooms: Subterranean Modern, vol 1 (Milano 2000, 1999)

Trip-hop, italian style. Which means Portishead without the pathos, Morricone without the West, or just "Histoire de Melody Nelson" gone chillout. No (cyber)punk spleen, no ketaminic stagnations: this is not a night-drive through the post-industrial Bristol, but a late-night walk through the stone-paved arcades of the Padan Plain. Bricks, history and fog. Nobody around. A meditative sound: hushed voices, dewy e-piano, a hip-hop beat slightly jazzified, bringing some warmth. The thud of the double-bass resounding through the neon-lit mist.

The Dining Rooms are a lounge/downbeat combo from Milan. This is their first album.


  1. Occhi neri
  2. M. Dupont
  3. Il giradischi e i tuoi dischi
  4. Cinemaroma 1
  5. Keep calm
  6. Jazz X
  7. Susanna 2000
  8. Hip hop hippies
  9. Le crepuscule du matin
  10. Dubterranean modern
  11. Cinemaroma 2
  12. Stromboli promenade
  13. Triste, solitario y final

Download (224 kbps)

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