Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Calibro 35: s/t (Cinedelic/Self, 2008)

"Poliziotteschi" of the 70s are among the most appreciated Italian movies abroad. Longly dismissed as "trash", they've been promoted recently to near-masterpieces. Their soundtracks were probably the first to be reconsidered: the international stardom of Ennio Morricone and Quentin Tarantino's B-movie fetishism surely contributed to the process.
Calibro 35 tries to revieve some of the key pieces of the genre with a more "rock" spirit. Where the original tracks featured extended instrumentations and privileged groove and atmosphere over impulse, their updated versions have a more aggressive sound and a more compact sonic palette. The edginess of the compositions remains the same though, and is still impressive.
A well-conceived and respectful tribute to the less pretentious and less ingenuous - but most daring - form of progressive which ever came from Italy.

Calibro 35 are a supergroup formed by Enrico Gabrielli, Fabio Rondanini, Luca Cavina, Massimo Martellotta, Tommaso Colliva, well-credited collaborators of Mariposa, Afterhours, Transgender, Mauro Pagani and many more. They're united by the passion for obscure Italian movie themes and excellent instrumental skills.
Their second LP, "Ritornano quelli di Calibro 35", is out now.

  1. Italia a mano armata, dal film “Italia A Mano Armata” (F. Micalizzi)
  2. Summertime Killer, dal film “Ricatto alla Mala” (L. Bacalov)
  3. Notte in Bovisa (M. Martellotta, E. Gabrielli, F.  Rondanini, L. Cavina , T. Colliva)
  4. Titoli, dal film “Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto” (E. Morricone)
  5. Milano Calibro 9 (Bouchet Funk), dal film “Milano Calibro 9” (L. Bacalov)
  6. Trafelato, dal film “Giornata Nera per l’Ariete” (E. Morricone)
  7. Una stanza vuota, dal film “Svegliati e Uccidi” (E. Morricone)
  8. La mala ordina, dal film “ La Mala Ordina” (A. Trovajoli)
  9. La polizia s’incazza (M. Martellotta, E. Gabrielli, F. Rondanini, L. Cavina , T. Colliva)
  10. Preludio dal film “Milano Calibro 9” (L. Bacalov)
  11. Gangster Story, dal film “La Polizia incrimina, La Legge Assolve” (G. & M. DeAngelis)
  12. Spiralys, soundlibrary (D. Casa)
  13. Shake Balera, dal film “La Ragazza Con La Pistola” (P. De Luca, V. Tommaso)
Download (192 kbps)

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