Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fare soldi: Sappiamo dove abiti (Riotmaker, 2008)

The "Riotmaker sound" is one of the most defined of the Italian underground. "Sappiamo dove abiti" is its most iconic representation: italo-disco samples, 80s' synths+glitter everywhere, trendoid house grooves with a massive funky aftertaste. A curious mix of postmodern irony, urban glamour, and the stereotypical indie-pop nostalgism (the overall mood may suggest an ironic version of the recent "hypnagogic pop" trend).
Kitsch? Sure. But playful (first of all), explosive, and irresistably groovy. Colourful and irreducibly quotationist, the songs manage to be both totally inclonclusive and surprisingly well-crafted. Prepare for a funny listening!

Fare soldi are Luca Carnifull (Carnifull Trio) and Pasta (Amari). This is their third record as a duo.


  1. Sappiamo dove abiti
  2. Dolo boys
  3. Survivor
  4. Tribunale midi
  5. Puff dandy
  6. Il vecchio e il mullet
  7. Pagagheddon
  8. (Take me to) Zingales
  9. Message in Abbado
  10. Acid in Abbado
  11. Fare soldi va a Milano
  12. The radler song
  13. Il lato B del mondo
  14. Palazzo dei cigni
  15. I wanna Feel Collins
  16. Fessi vivono
Download (192 kbps)

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