Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kleinkief: Il sesso degli angeli (Srazz, 1997)

Infested by alternative rock first, and colonized by post-rock immediately afterwards, the Italian underground never really developed a noise-pop scene. "Il sesso degli angeli" then sounds like a solitary jewel, a random spark of frenzy in the boredom.
Modeled on Sonic Youth and their convulsive out-of-tune whirlpools, the songs also feature some slight dream-pop/shoegaze tendency, reflected in the cradling female voice and in the unexpected moments of quietness and suspension. But the instinctiveness of the hardcore school also illuminates the music, and so does the almost prodigious balance of raw spirituality, ingenuous literarity and light-hearted nonsense. This last element is perhaps the trump card of the album, which definitely stands out over the many overpretantious "adolescential" records of those years.

Kleinkief were a band from Venice. This is their first album.

  1. Scarpe nuove
  2. Milena
  3. Psycho 41
  4. Stercofilo
  5. Bivi
  6. Dostoevskij
  7. Chiavi inesistenti
  8. Gogne perse
  9. Alter ego
  10. Tramiti
Download (192 kbps)

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