Monday, May 12, 2008

La Crus: omonimo (1995)

La Crus's first LP is a peculiar but perfectly coherent hybrid: smoky, acoustic songs, sulky vocals, Portishead-like beats and some quasi-industrial loops. The result is an album dominated by lazy, smoky, daunted atmospheres, with a distinct Italian feeling given by the melodic style of the songs and their frequent fanfare-music incursions. Guitars, voice, trumpet and loops are the main elements of this beautiful, morose record.

  1. Natura morta
  2. Il vino
  3. Notti bianche
  4. Nera signora
  5. Angela
  6. Soltanto un sogno
  7. La giostra
  8. Buco di pietra
  9. Lontano
  10. Dov'è finito dio
  11. Tarab
  12. Vedrai
  13. Ricomincio da qui