Sunday, May 11, 2008

Alice: Il sole nella pioggia (1989)

After a longtime collaboration with Franco Battiato, Forlì-born singer Carla Bissi begins a musical partnership with singer/songwriter Juri Camisasca (which is now something like a cult artist, but was almost forgotten at the time). The mood is impressively mystic: a strong world music feeling (think of Peter Gabriel around his fourth album) combines with meditative and esoteric lyrics in the vein of later Battiato. The sound is deep, synthetic, suasive, enriched by the refinate styles of classy guests such as trumpetists Paolo Fresu and Jon Hassell, Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri of Japan, XTC's Dave Gregory. "Now And Forever" is a duet with Van Der Graaf Generator's singer Peter Hammill. "Le ragazze di Osaka" is written by Eugenio Finardi, but the most entangling refrain is probably the one of "L'era del mito". The album is nothing less than a masterpiece, anyhow.

  1. Il sole nella pioggia
  2. Cieli del nord
  3. Visioni
  4. Tempo senza tempo
  5. Le ragazze di Osaka
  6. Orleans
  7. Anin a gris
  8. L'era del mito
  9. Le baccanti
  10. Now And Forever