Thursday, May 1, 2008

Germinale: omonimo (1994)

The first Germinale LP was a definite sign of maturity for the Italian neo-prog scene: its magic, suspended atmosphere easily makes it able to compete with the most noted albums of the Seventies. In a typical spaghetti-prog evocative style, Germinale have a PFM-like sound dominated by sharp-edged guitars, flute, Hammond organ.
The songs are finely structured into harder and more delicate, fugato sections which naturally flow one into another. The lyrics don't have the bumptiousness of many other Italian prog bands, though they obviously focus on fairytalesque themes.

  1. Intro
  2. La strega
  3. Bruma (Quietesmo)
  4. Lo sguardo nello specchio
  5. Soffi sonori
  6. Il mago
  7. Guardiano dei cieli
  8. Germinale