Friday, May 16, 2008

Å: omonimo (2006)

Free-rock trio Å's first (and only, at least until now) CD was also the first release for the series "Zeit" by the new cult label Die Schachtel, specialised in improvised and experimental, border-line music. It was received extremely well by indie rock press, to the point that the band's even been considered over-hyped.
Just two years later, there's not that much talk about the band, but the music's still as good as it were when it was released. Some passages may remind either This Heat, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, AMM or other radical electroacoustic improvisers, but even if it's a bit unfocused, the album is quite original and pleasurable (if you like the genre).

Here's an interview to the band (in Italian).

  1. My Memory Is Like A Film. That Is Why
  2. I Am Really Good At Remembering Things, Like The Conversation I Have Written Down In This Book, And What People Were Wearing, And What They Smelled Like, Because
  3. My Memory Has A Smell Track Which Is Like A Soundtrack. And When People Ask Me To Remember Something I Can Simply
  4. Press Rewind And Fast Forward And Pause Like On A Video Recorder, But More Like A Dvd Because I Don't Have To
  5. Rewind Through Everything In Between To Get To A Memory Of
  6. Something A Long Time Ago. And There Are No Buttons, Either, Because
  7. It Is Happening In My Head

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Ellaguru said...

grazie per A.
effettivamente sono poco o quasi per niente conosciuti.
cosi' come i Jealousy Party. Mica posterai qualcosa di loro?
a presto

wago said...

Uh, talmente poco conosciuti che in effetti non li conosco. Mi pare pero' cantino in inglese, e almeno inizialmente preferirei mantenermi su band strumentali e/o con testi (almeno principalmente) in italiano.
Nel frattempo comunque vedro' di procurarmeli.

Dusty said...

li avevo ascoltati al tempo ma non "ci stavo dentro", un piacere ritrovarli adesso, grazie mille!