Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Aidoru: 13 piccoli singoli radiofonici (Snowdonia, 2005)

Now here we have something very peculiar. Aidoru sound like dozens of bands and like no one else at the same time. Their music is overtly in debt with Kid A-era Radiohead, some post-rock (Disco Inferno? Starfuckers? Gastr Del Sol? I don't know), Air, Robert Wyatt, kraut-like stuff (everyone from Neu! to This Heat), but they rework all these influences into a personal avant-pop pastiche taking all this variety to its best. The 13 "radiophonic" (no radio station would ever play them of course) songs range from Chopin "cover" versions ("Preludio 28 n° 2") to dancey electro-punk ("Ni-Roku"), awkward heavy dilatations ("Ossicine"), Branduardi spoofs ("Angelo-gnomo") and many other oddities.
Guest artists include former Quintorigo singer John De Leo and actresses Morena Tamborrino and Mariangela Gualtieri.

  1. 90 (la paura)
  2. Nothing Infinity Reality
  3. Io guardo spesso il cielo
  4. Giorni
  5. Se dormi
  6. Ossicine
  7. Angelo-gnomo
  8. Parole Porte Parole Ali
  9. Ni-Roku
  10. Preludio op. 28 n° 2
  11. Fas 3 Bis
  12. Phase Difference
  13. Se la parola amore

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Dusty said...

grazie per avermi fatto scoprire questo gruppo da paura :D