Monday, May 5, 2008

VV.AA.: The Letters - An Unconventional Italian Guide To King Crimson (Mellow, 2004)

This is three-CD compilation released by Mellow Records as a King Crimson tribute. Among the performers are some of the most prominent contemporary progressive bands, with a wide variety ranging from the old-fashioned spaghetti-prog of Germinale or Malibran to the jazzcore ardour of Anatrofobia and Caboto.
Some of the cover versions are quite calligraphic while others reshape the compositions more deeply (Nema Niko and Comfort bring in some electronica, Mariposa show their chamber-punk attitude - and their awful English pronounciation, Mosaic Orchestra almost have a fanfare sound), but they're all substantially faithful and well-played, with many great renditions and a very good overall result.


CD #1
  1. Stefano Bollani - Frame By Frame
  2. Germinale - Doctor Diamond
  3. Nema Niko - The Talking Drum
  4. Spirosfera - Cat Food
  5. Roversi Caimi Menotti - Discipline
  6. Soundvision - One More Red Nightmare
  7. Anatrofobia - The Sailor's Tale
  8. Tilion - One Time
  9. Taproban - Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part 2
  10. Three Of A Charming Pair - Inner Garden I & II
  11. Prophexy - The Great Deceiver
  12. Giardini d'autunno - Formentera Lady
  13. Psychonoesis - Starless
CD #2
  1. Goad - Epitaph
  2. Costa Mombrini Piazzi - Lady Of The Dancing Water
  3. Jet Lag - Pictures Of A City
  4. Ubi Maior - Prince Rupert
  5. L'imbroglio - Providence
  6. Malibran - I Talk To The Wind
  7. Floating State - Exiles
  8. Notturno Concertante - Cadence And Cascade
  9. Greenwall - Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part 1
  10. Caboto - Moonchild
  11. The Slowmovies - Matte Kudasai
  12. ZAQ - In The Court Of The Crimson King
  13. Mariposa - Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
Cd #3
  1. Mosaic Orchestra - Red
  2. Comfort - We'll Let You Know/Fracture
  3. Nodo Gordiano - Lament
  4. Aria Palea - The Great Deceiver
Download (re-up):
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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Jan said...


This is jan from the netherlands. Is it possible to repost The letters? I like Italian music and King Crimson and it is impossible to get this box.

wago said...

Here's your re-up!
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Jan said...

Thanks Wago. Looking forward to this. Good blog.

Indra said...

Hi Wago.
Thanks a lot re-up for this album. If you don't mind, would you like to upload any tribute album, such as The River COnstant of Flow Tribute To Genesis etc.
Thanks a lot.