Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gang: Le radici e le ali (1991)

After three Clash-insipired LPs with English vocals, in 1991 Gang came up with "Le radici e le ali", which marked a big change in their sound and quickly became a reference for dozens of bands such as Modena City Ramblers, Yo Yo Mundi, Bandabardò. It was a folk-rock album focusing on third-world, internationalist themes and rebellions which predated Mano Negra's patchanka style: thanks to its many guest musicians (Antonello Salis, Mauro Pagani, Daniele Sepe, Massimo Bubola among the most prominent) it ranges from punk-influenced torchsongs to ska, jazzy and world-music episodes. The constant element is a somehow "choral" spirit which makes the music enthralling and strengthens its political charge.
Speaking about results, the album's not really uniform: while most of the upbeat tracks are very skilful and soulful, some other songs are a bit gross.

  1. Esilio
  2. La lotta continua
  3. Socialdemocrazia
  4. Le radici e le ali
  5. Bandito senza tempo
  6. Ombre rosse
  7. Chico Mendes
  8. Sud
  9. Johnny lo zingaro
  10. Chicco il dinosauro
  11. Oltre
  12. Che dare?