Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quintorigo: In cattività (2003)

Quintorigo: sax, violin, cello, double bass and very histrionic vocals. They are a rock band. They cover such things as "Higway Star" (Deep Purple) and "Clap Hands" (Tom Waits) but no, luckily they're not the Italian Apocalyptica. They're sound is nervous and jocose, edgy, theatrical but always very funny and elegant. The lyrics are crazy. So bad they waited till their extraordinary singer John De Leo left the band to cover Area's "Luglio Agosto Settembre (Nero)", which was evidently written with Quintorigo in the mind back in the Seventies...
"In cattività" isn't their best album in my opinion, but it's fairly good all the same, and ablings it's the only one I actually have with a decent bitrate. Enjoy it!

  1. Illune (ninna nanna)
  2. Neon-Sun
  3. Clap Hands
  4. Bogliasco
  5. U.S.A. e getta
  6. Myxectbo e Ckopocts
  7. Dimentico
  8. Night And Day
  9. Deux heures de soleil (deux)
  10. Raptus (il signore inesistente)
  11. Rap-tus
  12. Darn That Dream
  13. Illune
  14. Illume + Zahra (ghost track)
  15. Raptus (ghost track)
  16. Illume (ghost track)
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