Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Daniele Sepe: Malamusica (1987)

Daniele Sepe's breezy, mediterranean jazz is full of playfulness and surprises. Ranging from compound-meter sections in the vein of Area to caricatural liscio sketches which may remind Stormy Six just as Stefano Bollani, Sepe's music keeps on evoking the typical Seventies R.I.O.-oriented band... with out ever sounding "rock"!
This first LP has a very "fanfare" sound and never ceases to intersect the paths of traditional folklore revival ("Tammurriata nera") with a brilliant ironic attitude. Something between Nino Rota and Frank Zappa...

  1. Al Fatah
  2. Salsiccia e friarelli
  3. Gorbaciov
  4. Capotango
  5. Tammurriata nera
  6. Gente distrutta
  7. Una vez
  8. Guignol's band
  9. Descrizione di conferenza 1 (con intervento)
  10. Descrizione di conferenza 2 (con passaggio di figura femminile)
  11. No quiero mas
  12. Marcia delle mele marce
  13. Skarpetta
  14. Louise
  15. Napoli sotterranea
  16. Carmela
  17. Una gita a marechiaro