Monday, May 19, 2008

John De Leo: Vago Svanendo (2008)

First solo album by former Quintorigo singer John De Leo. "Vago Svanendo" (I drift and fade away) appearently doesn't step away from the group's nevrotic chamber-rock formula, but in fact shows a more definite singer/songwriter approach and more experimental leanings, specially concerning the role of the voice. The songs rely on a surreal imaginary in the vein of Vinicio Capossela or "Ottocento" by Fabrizio De André, with a broad use of nonsense, free associations and onomatopeic worplay.
Unluckily the album's quite uneven: besides the most meaty songs, there are too many divertissements and fillers which make about half of the album almost forgettable.

's my review for the webzine

  1. Intro: 4 Piano Notes
  2. Freak Ship
  3. Vago svanendo (lasum sté)
  4. L'uomo che continua
  5. Canzo
  6. Tilt (C'è Mattia?)
  7. Spiega la vela
  8. Big stuff
  9. Bambino marrone
  10. Le chien et le flacon
  11. Sinner
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Ellaguru said...

effettivamente non so dirti se cantino solo in inglese i Jealousy Party, so che incidono per la Burp, che già di per sé é una garanzia.
m'informero' meglio.
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