Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arpaderba: L'aleph (In-Contro, 1981)

An almost unknown band lead by Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno and Samadhi's guitarist Gianni Civitenga, Arpaderba issued only one album, "L'aleph", which is now very rare.
The style is a very personal blend of progressive, folk dance and minimalism. Entirely instrumental, the album reminds as much of Terry Riley as of French prog-folk bands such as Malicorne or Minimum Vital. Though the celtic influences are very strong, most of the tracks appear to be rooted in a more mediterranean repertoire: the result is surprisingly close to the one achieved by Paolo Fresu with his Sardinian folk-jazz band, Tanit.
Repetition, odd meters and gleeful synthetizer soarings are the core elements of Arpaderba's unique formula, which is often enriched by violin, e-piano, marimba, accordion and well-rounded, groovy basslines.
The album's deeply charming and captivating, its quiet but overwhelming pace never take a moment for rest.

  1. Danza
  2. L'aleph
  3. Ritmi di luna
  4. Labirinto
  5. Ballo dei satiri
  6. Cantata di primavera
  7. Tarentilla
Download (224 kbps)