Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spirale: omonimo (King, 1974)

Spirale were a jazz-rock band, which would be known later as "Folk Magic Band" and quite renown for their participation to international jazz festivals. Their first and only LP with the original bandname is now very rare and could be compared in style to ethno-prog band such as Maad (Italy) or Embryo (Germany).
E-piano, bass and drums provide a light, groovy carpet of obstinatos for the lyric excursions of trumpet, saxophone and flute. The mood is breezy and absorbing, the rhythms are often veined of South-American or Indian suggestions. The shadow of Dave Brubeck's "Time Out" towers specially over the longest track, "Paparoncino" and its compound meters. Its southern-Italian folkloric accents and the funambolic violin solo contribute in making it a very accomplished piece.

  1. Rising
  2. Cabral, anno 1
  3. Una ballata per Yanes
  4. Peperoncino (Cose vecchie, cose nuove)
Download (256 kbps)

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