Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gomma Workshop: Almanacco moderno sul linguaggio dei gatti (Madcap collective, 2004)

Gomma Workshop is an imaginary sextet, reworking the music of many imaginary artists using an imaginary 150-track recorder from 1977, called "E. Sapphire". In fact, Gomma Workshop's basically just multi-instrumentist Vittorio Demarin and a lot of toy instruments, found sounds and pseudo-folk leftovers.
"Almanacco moderno sul linguaggio dei gatti" ("Modern almanac about the language of cats") is a peculiar work mixing tape experimentation, musique concrète and indietronic leanings, dusty folkloric mullings, Italian lounge and soundtrack music (specially Nino Rota). The result could be compared to anything from Aksak Maboul to Four Tet, from Jim O' Rourke to Pascal Comelade.
The album actually seems to come out directly from the Nurse With Wound List. Despite its uncohesive attitude, though, it manifests a very strong compositional lucidity and never fails to be evocative and entertaining, sprightly, imaginative and impalpable.

  1. Gertrud
  2. My Heart the Spoon
  3. Bruitages Cubik
  4. Ernesto Sapphire Lost Tapes
  5. Lauraborg
  6. 500 metri di torte
  7. Nuovi algoritmi sovietici
  8. Ink Q.B.
  9. Mangiabimbi
  10. Print
  11. Peter Sellers in the Swamp
  12. Soap Soup
Download (224 kbps)