Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bonansone Dedalus Group: Nomos Apache Alpha (BTF, 2004)

Initially a jazz-rock band featuring the now well-known jazz bass player Furio Di Castri, Piedmontese band Dedalus published two albums, in 1973 and 1974. It's probably the deconstructions, found sounds and tape experimentations of the last one, "Materiale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico", which convinced Steve Stapleton to include them into his legendary Nurse With Wound List.

After a thirty-year hiatus, actually broken one time in 1997 with the publication of "Pia visione", keyboardist/cellist/accordionist Fiorenzo Michele Bonansone decided to start a new project and revive the spirit of Dedalus. Assisted by two classical musicians and a drummer with a thing for funky and african rhythms, he published "Nomos Apache Alpha" as Bonansone Dedalus Group.
Hailed with "Premio Darwin" as the best Italian prog-rock release of the year, the album's actually more rooted into modern classical music than rock. Reflecting a strong post-minimal vibe, the music's sometimes close to the one of Michael Nyman, specially for the frequent use of tonal material and pseudo-classical patterns which are used as melo/rhythmic modules of the compositions.
The mood's rarefied, poised but capable of tension peaks and climaxes, free episodes and more high-spirited or academic sections. Some tracks feature vocals, which seem to be sung in dialect. Piano (both acoustic and electric), flute, cello and trombone are the key elements of the album, which constitutes a stunning example of how a progressive approach can be achieved even without any rock element.

  1. Nomos Apache Alpha
  2. Dal sonno
  3. Luvmin
  4. Trenosol
  5. Via di miel
  6. Rockocò
  7. Turu turu
  8. Canzon capriccio
  9. Clangclumps
Download (224 kbps)